If anyone wants to go as a zombie for Halloween…

She’ll help you look eeeextra authentic~! 


The top comment on the YouTube video says all you need to know:



        Excitedly Meninas pressed back against soft lips, eyes closing in order to fully enjoy the action. It wasn’t often she craved physical contact but when she did—- Well the Power was not one to deny herself anything she wanted, least of all when it was going to concern the Sternritter before her. Yet as Gigi began to pull away, teeth lightly tugging on her bottom tier, Meninas made a sound of annoyance.


        “Are we playing games?” She murmured, eyes opening in order to take in her companions appearance—- Lips curving upwards in a teasing manner.

It was unexpected how — well, cute that little noise she made was. That was really the only way to describe it, though it felt almost strange. ‘Cute’ wasn’t really how she did things, when it came to her various unfortunate partners. It had only ever been violentThe more they fought against her, the more she delighted in it, and they never lasted her but once. Meninas, on the other hand, was different. She was a Sternritter; she could more than hold her own against the zombie. If she was being truthful, she knew that the reality of the matter was that she couldn’t hold a candle to her comrade’s true strength. Giselle couldn’t simply take in this instance, yet her friend seemed more than willing to give. So where was the harm, she thought, in indulging? Admittedly, her curiosities were piqued. 

She wanted to hear that sound again.


"Not if you don’t want to, Meni~" came her reply, and for the second time in such a short span did she lean forward to erase the space between them. Having heard no objections, she let her teeth bite into the Power’s lip again, though now she succeeded in breaking the skin. And it wasn’t an instant later that she was rewarded with her favorite taste, a sensation she would bathe herself in if she could. Swiping her tongue across the wound, the Z hummed in satisfaction. 

Is the dash working yet. 

Things die. But they don’t always stay dead. Believe me, I know.
— Richelle Mead, Frostbite (via sanguisx)

halbmetall said: THATS CHEATING


"No it’s not." 

"Is that a /challenge/?"

Ha! Don’t flatter yourself, Sven~”

As if he could pose a challenge to her in anything.

Anonymous said:
gremmy or bambietta


Anonymous said:
Would you save Meninas if you could or would you turn her into a zombie?

Humming in deliberation, one slender finger rose to tap at her lips. She’d been known to heal her comrades on occasion, just as often as she’d be known to convert them into tools for her own bidding. Who knew if there was any rhyme or reason as to which way her judgement fell? More likely than not, it was up to nothing more than a passing whim, whatever she happened to feel in the moment. 


It was also true that Meninas was probably one of the very few people she actually preferred alive. She enjoyed the Power’s company, so why abandon it if she didn’t have to?

"Of course I’d save her~!" she said, with mock offense — as if any other decision was purely unthinkable

Anonymous said:
Candy-chan zombie or Bamby-chan zombie?

"I had high hopes for Bambi-chan, but she’s just as disappointing dead as she was alive.” 

"It’s only fair Candy-chan has her own turn, right~?